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"Not your average dog print"
Karen McClelland Fine Art Dog Prints are outstanding dog art turned into beautiful limited edition dog prints. In my dog paintings I have combined my many years of showing dogs, my knowledge of dog structure, and my artistic skills to create show dog art with both emotion and drama. The dog paintings are generally a composite from many reference photos and the breed standard.
My limited edition prints have been painstakingly reproduced using the Giclée method for printing fine art. These museum quality Giclée prints are done on either canvas or on fine watercolor paper with high archival quality inks, the substrate for each edition is listed on each edition's page.
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The prints are signed and numbered by the artist and a certificate of authenticity is included with all prints guaranteeing your number in the edition.

As a new policy change I've decided to accept a limited number of commission jobs each year. The number is small has I have to admit I'm selfish with my time -- there is so much I want to paint. Also I now have an artist's blog at This site shows more than just my canine artwork, but equine, still lifes, etc. It is all original oil paintings for sale.

I enjoy hearing any and all comments so please email me with any questions or comments.

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