Karen McClelland

 Shetland Sheepdog -- Sheltie
                          Original oil on canvas 24" x 12" framed NFS.

Shetland Sheepdog -- Sheltie dog print titled "Counting Sheep"

Notice: this painting has had a delay before it's release. I strive to have my dogs be good representataives of the breed, and Sheltie folks have pointed out that the ears are not as they would want them. So I'm altering the ears on the original oil painting, and then will release the edition. Drop me a line if you want an update.

This is one of my favorite paintings -- I love it and have show plans for the original, so it is not be for sale at this time.

Image size 18" x 9"

Edition size: 200

Printed on Canvas

Artists proofs: 3

Copyright 10/06

Release date PENDING

Hand signed and numbered by Artist with Certificate of Authenticity.

These canvas prints are attached to stretcher bars and are available either unframed or framed.
Print price:
      Unframed          $120.00
        Framed           $220.00
      Unframed            $10.80
      Framed               $19.80
All prices in U.S. dollars
Prints shipped USPS insured priority mail.

WA state residents please add 8.5% tax.

Three ways to purchase:

Online with Credit Card:
Counting Sheep - unframed     
Counting Sheep - framed     
Mail check or money order specifiying "Counting Sheep" to:

       Karen McClelland
      14210 Dubuque Rd.
      Snohomish, WA 98290-9711


Or call me with your credit card information

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